Mohamed Taufiq Zurfi (born in Baghdad, 31 March 1964) received his bachelor's degree in archaeology from Irak's  Al-Mustansiriya University, which he attended from 1983 to 1987 as a student of Adnan Saleh, who directed his thesis on the Offerings of the Temple of Nimrub (actual Ninawa). In 1992 he pursued doctoral studies at the Baghdad University .

He has been a member of the Irak Academy of History, and worked as an archaeologist and museologist for the Iraq National Museum المتحف العراقي until it was plundered i in 2003.


"Civilization did not suppress barbarism; he perfected it and made it more cruel and barbaric."



Like ex-director of the Iraq National Museum Donny George, I was exiled due to the war of extermination against the funds of the Iraqi culture and its intellectuals, started with the US invasion of the country and supported by current US policy. I currently reside in Madrid, Spain, away from the world of archeology, "surviving" as i alwais like to say, and trying to make known the knowledge that was destroyed in 2003


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